We carry a full range of design works in construction:

  • pre-project sketch design
  • architecture
  • engineering calculations and construction drawings
  • all types of networks: water, sewerage, storm drainage, electrical network, heating, ventilation, fire alarm, automation
  • technological part of the project
  • estimates
  • assessment of environmental impact
  • support of the project at all stages of review and approval
  • authorial supervision
  • inventory of emissions, which provides built existing enterprise

We design:

  • production companies: engineering, instrumentation, production equipment, chemicals, garment industry, winemaking, production of alcoholic drinks, printing, Tobacco Industry and others.
  • agricultural enterprises: animal feed mills, bakery, dairy, poultry, dairy farm, pig farm, grain storage, vegetable storage, refrigerators, etc.
  • housing, public buildings, hotels, cottages, shopping malls, educational institutions, business centers, entertainment complexes, shops, Office buildings and facilities and others.
  • medical facilities: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, clinics and others.
  • engineering structures, networks and systems

And also develop:

  • urban justification
  • pre-project sketch documents
  • technical inspection and certification
  • inventory of emissions

Our juridical and actual address:

18002, Ukraine, Cherkassy, Shevchenko str., 242/1
tel. +38 (0472) 33-02-95, +38 (0472) 37-72-30,
fax +38 (0472) 33-72-99, e_mail:

Director Anatoliy Nagorniy +38 (050) 517-93-75, e_mail: